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Great News!

The 2018 show has been extended two additional days to become a 5-day show running Wednesday through Sunday. But the $1,450 booth fee increased by only $100 (9.5%) over the 2017 booth fee. And 99% of booths are corner booths. Download the 2018 Exhibitor Application and join today!

Why is this show so big and exciting?

This event is supported by a $125,000 advertising budget which is far more than all other gem shows in the USA, and is matched only by our own Denver Mineral Show and Tucson 22nd Street Show. The 2018 marketing campaign includes full-page ads in National Geographic magazine, Rock & Gem magazine, the Tucson EZ-Guide and Denver EZ-Guide, NJ Travel Magazine, premium Google Search placement, and social media. Starting in March 2018 our show will be featured on dozens of highway billboards, as well as color ads on the front cover of the Newark Star-Ledger (NJ's #1 paper with 455,000 Sunday readers) and the entire cover of Staten Island Currents (the largest circulation periodical on the island). More than 15 million people live within one hour of the show, making this the single most lucrative market in the USA.

Why is the booth fee so expensive?

Certainly the dollar amount of the booth fee is higher than most shows (all of which is used to pay for the advertising which drives attendance). But if you do the math and compare our "cost per customer" to other shows, then our booth fee is among the lowest in the USA. How? Simply divide our booth fee by the 16,000 - 18,000 visitor count to get a fair way to make comparisons between shows. How does our 8 cents a visitor stack up against the other shows on your circuit? A typical local gem show with a tiny advertising budget may charge a $400 booth fee and attract perhaps 700 customers. That's 57 cents a customer, which is 7x higher than our rate. Look at it another way: you'd have to devote 23 weekends to such shows, and pay 6x more in booth fees (23 weekends x $400 = $9,200) to get the same number of customers that you'll have at the 5-day NJ Show. If you value your time and have a desirable product offering, then you cannot afford to skip this show.

OK, I'm convinced. But what do I get for my money?

You get a 10' x 10' corner booth bordered by elegant 8' high back drape, 3' high side drape, 2 padded chairs, professionally printed company name sign, 1000 watts of electricity, and three tables. You may configure your booth(s) any way that you wish, with or without tables. For example, if you use your own 5-tier 2'x4' shelving, then you can create 120 linear feet (240 sq. feet) of display space in a single 10 x 10 booth.

Exhibitors may select their booth location when they apply, which becomes final upon receipt of their 50% deposit.

Download the 2018 Exhibitor Application and apply today!



Tuesday, April 3, 2018 from 8 am to 11 pm
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 from 8 am to 11 am (the show opens at noon)

Vehicles can be driven into the building to unload only on Tuesday. Be sure to bring your own hand-truck or dolly because these are not provided by the venue.

When you arrive please come to the Main Lobby (front entrance) where you'll check in and be given an ID badge.

Tear down and load-out begins at 6 pm on Sunday and ends at 11 pm. You may continue on Monday at 8 am until 3 pm.


Customers : Wednesday thru Friday 12p to 9 p, Saturday and Sunday 10a to 6p

Dealers : Wednesday 8a to 9:30p, Thursday & Friday 11a to 9:30p, Saturday 9a to 6:30p, Sunday 9a to 11 pm


Use the common carrier of your choice. You will ship directly to the venue. They will receive, weigh, temporarily store, and then delivery to your booth on set-up day. Also included in the price is removal of empty pallets / crates from your booth for storage during the show, delivery back to your booth for pack-up, and loading onto your freight carrier's truck. No need to wait around on Monday after the show to load your pallets. They'll do it for you for one all-inclusive price!
On-site shipments can arrive April 2, 3, or 4, 2018. Advance shipments will be stored at the warehouse and billed accordingly.
The window for advance shipment is March 5-31, 2018.

Pallet = $110 ($180 Adv)
Box = $50 ($80 Adv)
Small Package = $20 ($25 Adv)


GEM SHOW BOOTH # ____ , DEALER: (your business name)
CONTACT: (your name), CELL: (your mobile number)
EDISON, NJ 08837

Prices subject to change on January 1, 2018.

If you plan to unload your own vehicle, there is no cost if you use your own pallet jack, dolly, hand-truck, etc.


In our business, presentation is everything. Make sure that your booth is well lit so that it stands out and attracts customers. Convenient LED light poles can do that for you with rental prices of only $95 per light for the 3-day show. All you need is one per table. Reserve your LED light poles now and they will be installed at your table when you arrive. Prices will be higher at the show, if any are left. Click to rent from Show Off Lighting


You may rent showcases from any company that you wish. However, we use Atlantic Showcases because they have the best prices. Here is their 2018 Order Form which shows just black showcases to match our color scheme. Please direct questions and submit payment directly to them. Showcases ordered from Atlantic Showcase will be delivered and positioned in your booth before your arrival.

Bill Reed
Atlantic Showcases
(732) 922-8958 office
(848) 333-7984 cell


Registration for a Business Registration Certificate is required to do business in New Jersey, whether retail or wholesale. New Jersey sales tax is 6.875% and must be collected on all retail transactions. To obtain the certificate download the 3-page application and get it into the mail ASAP. There is no cost!

You'll be asked for this info:

Venue location: 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison NJ, 08837
NAICS code = 454390
NJ Business Code = 5508 Annual Shows
County / Municipality Code = 12 05
County = Middlesex


Five uniformed / unarmed guards will be present during load-in hours, show hours, and load-out hours. At least one will remain on-site overnight beginning Tuesday (the day before the show starts).

Cameras monitor and record activity at the exit doors.

Despite these measures, losses are inevitable, especially to shoplifting. So be sure to take appropriate measures to secure your inventory such as using glass showcases, an internet-connected camera system, RFID tags, hiring a helper, not leaving your booth unattended, etc. Like all shows, neither the promoter nor the venue is responsible for any loss, theft or damage.


1,000 watts included with each booth.


Hilton Garden Inn Edison/Raritan Center at 50 Raritan Center Parkway, Edison, NJ for $119. Includes free Internet and parking; continental breakfast available for $6.95 and full breakfast for $10.95. Please use this link to Book at the Hilton by March 30 to get the special rate. It is 2 miles from the show and features a bar and the Great American Grill restaurant on premises, a very popular delicatessen next door, and 200+ restaurants within a 12 minute drive. Offer good until all rooms in the reservation block are reserved. Please use the previous link or call the hotel directly at 732-225-0900 and reserve under the "Gem Show" block.

If you have a problem the hotel reservation please email MissyScarlett@EonsExpos.com for assistance.

Metropark Station is 14 minutes away if you are interested in a 35-minute train ride into NYC to see a Broadway Show or perhaps a fine restaurant.


Wholesale buyers with a business license are exempt from sales tax, but it is the responsibility of the seller to collect one of the following and retain for four years:

If the wholesaler buyer is a NJ Business then one of the following:

1. "New Jersey Resale Certificate" (Form ST-3) which the buyer can quickly fill out and present to the seller
2. "Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption" (Form ST-SST) which is a multi-page form that takes longer to fill out

If the wholesaler buyer is a business from outside NJ then one of the following:

1. Purchaser’s out-of-state resale certificate (a photocopy)
2. "New Jersey Resale Certificate for Non‑Resident Sellers" (Form ST-3NR) which the buyer can quickly fill out and present to the seller
3. "Uniform Sales & Use Tax Certificate – Multijurisdiction"
4. "Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption" (Form ST-SST) which is a multi-page form that takes longer to fill out


There is no import tax or duty charged on minerals and fossils shipped to the to the USA. Be sure to use Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code number "9705.00.0090". This code corresponds to "Collections and Collector's Pieces of Mineralogical or Palaeontological Interest".

No taxes are due upon importation of minerals, fossils, gems, jewelry and similar items into the USA. Further, there are no duties on minerals and fossils shipped into the USA. Be sure to have a detailed inventory list and use Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code number 9705.00.0090. This code corresponds to "Collections and Collectors' Pieces of Mineralogical or Paleontological Interest".

Most gems, jewelry, semi-precious / precious stones, and precious metals are also exempt from import duties. However there are many exceptions in which the duty is 10% or more. To learn which specific items are subject to duty, please visit the official United States International Trade Commission website and use the Search function.

If only a few items are subject to duty and the amount is low, it is usually fastest / cheapest to pay the duty. However, in cases where the duty would be high, then the exhibitor can acquire an ATA Carnet at a cost of about $300 (+ surety bond at a cost of 1% of the merchandise value). The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows the holder to temporarily (up to one year) import goods without payment of normally applicable duties and taxes, including value-added taxes in more than 71 countries. The ATA Carnet eliminates the need to purchase temporary import bonds. So long as the goods are re-exported within the allotted time frame, no duties or taxes are due. Failure to re-export all goods listed on the ATA Carnet results in the need to pay the applicable duties (as would be the case for items that are sold). The acronym ATA is a combination of French and English phrases "Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission."

To learn about and obtain an ATA Carnet please visit the International Chamber of Commerce website.


Acquiring a visa to visit the USA can be a fast & easy process, or a long & frustrating one. It depends on the type of agreement between your country and the USA. To start the process, go to USembassy.gov and select your country from the list -- which is arranged by continent. The job of the embassy official is to ensure that you are a legitimate seller with an established business. Therefore tax records, a website, catalogs or brochures, bank statements, and other evidence of your business would help them to be sure that you are indeed a genuine business person.

Still have a Question?

If it is about the venue, services, or logistics please email Russell.

If it is related to booth space please email Heather.

The NJ Gem and Mineral Show is Presented by Eons Expos, the same team that brings you the Denver Mineral Show every September and the Tucson 22nd Street Show every February.