McCollum Park In Downers Grove IL

McCollum Park is one of the few parks in Downers Grove, IL that has unofficially served as a public park since its creation. Home to many community events and festivals, McCollum Park has plenty of space for kids to burn off their energy with sports fields, playgrounds, and an ice skating pond that is open during the winter months. A large number of trees provide welcome shade during the summer; making this park very popular among residents.

What are some things you can do at McCollum Park?

The amenities here include baseball/softball diamonds (2), basketball court (1), children’s play area (2), football field (1), picnic tables (100+), parking lot (400+), a pond, a walking/jogging path, and restrooms.

When is McCollum Park open to the public?

The facilities here are open from 6:00 am until 11:00 pm daily. The parking lot closes at 10:30 pm each night.

McCollum Park does get quite busy during festivals and other community events, so be sure to get there early if you’d like to get a space near the action. Parking close by is also tricky on days with heavy attendance. Try to arrive 30 minutes prior if you’re concerned about finding a place to park your vehicle before an event begins!